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Corium is all about quality luxury performance.

Our range from Heller Leder & Leder Fiedler in Germany represents some of the most beautiful & environmentally sensitive leather in the world today.

With nearly 40 ranges in 500 colours our leathers are made on the worlds best raw material.

Our latest and most exciting new leather, BlattWerk (tanned with olive leaves) is already being used by leading designers and manufacturers around the world including "Easy Chair Soft" by Stiltreu Design (designed by Christian Dorn) shown below:

At Corium we are bringing QUALITY, LUXURY and PASSION back into leather!

Our new range is the most comprehensive and beautiful leather ever made available to the Australian market, with a colour and quality to suit every use and project.






Corium Leather - Sydney Australia - Supplier of high-quality environmentally friendly german leather from Heller Leder, Leder Fiedler and leather care from LCK